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‘What’s the market like?’ and latest shipping jobs filled

What’s the market like? 

This is the question we’re most frequently asked; truthfully, there are lots of different markets within shipping recruitment. For us, that includes commercial, fleet management, legal, insurance, executive, finance, sales and so on. This month, we asked David Tubb, Director, Recruitment at Spinnaker “what’s the market like?” 

It’s an interesting situation currently, relative stability with unexpected twists. A number of factors coming together resulting in recruitment projects that may not have been expected. The past eighteen-months or so has resulted in a lot of “life-evaluation”. What people would have been happy to do before – seeing no alternative is, no longer the case. Lifestyle decisions have resulted in unexpected openings occurring.

Difficulties in global mobility and relocation are still creating a need for alternative, local, “closer to home” talent is resulting in a greater focus on transferable skills.Home and remote working continues to be divisive and the deciding factor in offer acceptance. It’s high on the agenda for understanding so needs to be clear from the outset in recruitment processes.Where that isn’t possible, candidates are driving the market and we’re needing to dive deep into our networks, referral systems and recruitment know-how to secure companies that much needed expertise.

Hesitation for clear growth strategies in some areas, not all is apparent, yet that’s not unusual at this time of the year as holiday season sets in. More so than ever we are seeing the “will to disconnect”. The feeling is that waves will be made September/October time.”

Catch up with David’s latest insights at his LinkedIn profile.

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Legal Counsel, Shipowner, London
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Senior Tanker Chartering Manager, Middle East
Head of Crewing, Germany
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various fleet management superintendents globally

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