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2023 Seafarer Wage Reports Released!

For 18 years Spinnaker have been providing remuneration benchmarking reports for the maritime industry enabling HR and Crewing teams access to comprehensive reports for their annual pay reviews.

It all began with shore-based jobs when the ‘Tanker HR Forum’ was launched in 2005 with 8 founding companies. This membership is now known as the Maritime HR Association which boasts an impressive 102 members and provides salary and bonus data for roles including Technical Superintendents, Operators and Charterers.

On the back of the success of the Maritime HR Association, Spinnaker launched the Seafarer Employers’ Association in 2017 specifically for clients who employ their own crew.

This data provides the ‘Daily Wage Cost’ by vessel type, nationality and rank and allows shipping companies to check they are paying their crew in line with the market and also calculate the cost of crewing a ship as the reports take into consideration the rotation of the crew.

The data in the survey has grown consistently year after year with the number of reportable nationalities now exceeding 90 and the number of reportable lines of data growing 46% YoY.

The volume of data in the survey allows for 11 different vessel types to be reported independently including Bulk, Car Carrier, Container, Chemical, Crude, Product, LNG, LPG and Cruise in addition to several grouped vessel types.

Contact us for more information on how to access these reports by email or call +44 (0)1702 481 637 or visit the dedicated webpage.

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