The Seafarer Employers’ Association and Seafarer Wage Benchmarking

Spinnaker is your source for reliable wage cost benchmarking data for employers of seafarers. Crew cost data is analysed by nationality, rank and vessel type. We cover wage costs for over 250,000 seafarers globally.

We collate, analyse and report daily crew-cost data for c.50 seafaring ranks covering, Officers (both Senior and Junior) and Ratings.  We collect information covering over 90 different nationalities of Seafarer.  Our review captures all guaranteed pay, whilst taking the rotation patterns into consideration, enabling members to identify the cost of crewing a vessel.

Reports are personalised for each member showing market highs and lows, and percentiles ranging from P10 –P90.  This allows the member to make a direct comparison between their data and that of the market.

The following sectors are reported:

  • Bulk carrier
  • Car carrier
  • Chemical tanker
  • Container
  • Crude tanker
  • Cruise
  • Ferry/RoRo/Ropax
  • General cargo
  • LNG
  • LPG
  • Product tanker

All data is reported in anonymous aggregated format in order to preserve member confidentiality.

In order to be a part of our seafarer wage cost benchmarking, companies are required to join the Seafarer Employers’ Association, of which Spinnaker are secretariat. 

Membership benefits:

  • The most reliable crew wage cost data for officers and ratings
  • Access to a crewing network working within the maritime industry
  • Ad-hoc crew wage advice
  • Participation in information exchange surveys
  • A discounted ticket to the Spinnaker Maritime People & Culture Conference
  • Regular member newsletter

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