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Spinnaker partnership with start-up support hub

Spinnaker and Startup Wharf have come together in partnership to offer tailored recruitment services to start-ups from the Maritime Startup Ecosystem, including free personality profiling for hired candidates.

Startup Wharf is the independent, responsible, global hub of start-up-driven maritime transformation, whose values are supporting maritime entrepreneurship and start-ups catalysing triple bottom line maritime transformation.

Spinnaker is committed to helping success of maritime start-up and transformation companies by hiring the right people. We do this by assisting with the development of the people in maritime, and help employers identify and develop the right people for the right jobs, and have been doing so since 1997.

On the partnership, Startup Wharf’s Leonardo Zangrando says “We partnered with Spinnaker as a recruiter specialising in maritime because we want to offer the startups in our network the best services to make their life easier. Recruiting is an important component of a startup’s growth and finding the right people in a niche sector as ours can be difficult if you don’t partner with a specialist recruiter. And as with all our partnerships, we managed to negotiate a special “treat” for our startups from Spinnaker: a free personality assessment of the successful candidate hired through them.”

Facet5 is one of the most modern and advanced measures of human personality available. Facet5 is a personality profiling tool, based on the five factor model of personality consisting of Will, Control, Energy, Affection and Emotionality. It’s a tool that can be applied in people development, recruitment, team building and culture change.

The Spotlight Development report provides individuals with a comprehensive summary of their strengths and risks of their personality profile. Spotlight improves the individual learning and development outcomes through heightened self-awareness and action planning, perfect for supporting any personal development plans.

The start-ups taking advantage of this offer will receive a complimentary Spotlight Development report undertaken on the successfully hired candidate.

Spinnaker’s David Tubb says “For all companies recruiting, I think a combination of both skills and attitude is important. A start-up environment is different from normal industry. It is not right for everyone, just as a big corporation may not be right for someone from an SME. The biggest questions decision makers ponder in any hiring process is “Will this work out?” There is fear of loss – time, money, reputation. Fear can often delay, prolong, or even stop a decision from happening. Hard skills are easier to measure than personality. Therefore offering startups an insight into the strengths and risks of the personality of the person they are hiring can help take away some of that fear. Connecting talent and companies together is one thing. Making sure it’s the right fit, and retaining is another.”

Find out more about Startup Wharf and how they are supporting start-ups here:

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