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Anglo-Eastern seeking gender diversity insights

Female seafarers invited to contribute

A new gender diversity survey for female seafarers is going online from Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd with support from WISTA International, ISWAN, and the International Chamber of Shipping. Collecting data from all active female seafarers globally, the survey will ask questions about attitudes, discrimination and harassment, and will be presented in the second publication of Anglo-Eastern’s Gender Diversity Manual (the first of which was published two years ago). 

As Membership Secretary of WISTA-UK, and Managing Director of Spinnaker – a maritime people business – I think that sharing the experiences of women working in a traditionally very male-dominated world is essential to ensure an inclusive and positive working environment for the future,” says Spinnaker’s Teresa Peacock.

It’s encouraging to hear that forward-thinking companies like Anglo-Eastern are tackling these issues. It’s about listening: what are women’s experiences from being on board ships? How can we learn from them? What changes can be made so things improve?” 

The challenges faced by female seafarers

The booklet, aimed to be published and presented at the IMO before the end of the year, will address the wide range of challenges that female seafarers face, such as bullying, negativity and sexual harassment. 

Those organisations involved say the following on the survey:

“Shipping remains a global industry that relies on the strength of its seafarers. Surveying female seafarers helps strengthen this manual as a training guide, and shows the industry that building an inclusive, diverse, and strong industry is in everyone’s best interest,” said Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou (pictured), President of WISTA International.

“Bridging the gap will be essential in ensuring a strong future for our industry. As female seafarers continue to gain a foothold, we must remain committed to providing resources, training and support to bridge this gender gap on board. We’re excited to launch this survey two years after the initial manual to gain data on how the mindset and the challenges faced by female seafarers have changed over the years,” said Capt. K. N. Deboo, Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Centre Director and Principal.

“ISWAN is delighted to support this guidance which will contribute in creating more positive and inclusive shipboard experiences for all seafarers,” said Caitlin Vaughan, Project Manager, ISWAN.

“ICS believes it is essential to produce a working environment that is conducive to all.  The updated guidance will aim to achieve this,” said Natalie Shaw, Director of Employment Affairs for the International Chamber of Shipping.

Complete the survey:

Female seafarers are invited to complete the survey here.

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