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maritime leaders

Transforming maritime leaders

The reality is we’ve never lived in more uncertain and volatile times. The sands are shifting faster than we can re-place our feet and what was once a stable foundation on which to build is quickly becoming anything but. Leaders today have a very tough job to do. They need to apply adaptive and innovative thinking to new situations, every single day.

Spinnaker believe that in today’s workplace, developing maritime leaders is not just about increasing what you know, but transforming what you do and the culture within which you work.

Our Maritime Leadership Development Programme was introduced in 2016 to develop managers that are highly effective in key management moments which matter.

Run as both open programmes and in house solutions, what sets our programmes apart is our ability to get to the heart of what makes a great manager. Whether new to management or an experienced senior leader, working in Commercial Operations or Corporate Services, we don’t just tell managers how to be the best version of themselves. We support them to change their behaviours in a practical, sustainable way so they don’t return to their previous habits.

One participant, having recently returned to shore said:

“The programme came at the right time for me, transitioning from sea to shore, expanding to a different world where I am not constrained by the limits of the ship”

Others are preparing to take the next step in their career:

“I was personally in a stage of growth within the company, taking on new responsibility, so it was very insightful……”

Our approach is more self-sustaining than traditional management training. We give managers the confidence to uncover what’s happening in their personal ‘Management Moment’, and what’s blocking their progress. We equip managers with the skills to analyse real-world situations, so they can always do the right thing in their day-to-day role.

The programme is delivered across three key stages:

  1. Pre-programme assessment with Facet5 personality profiling – providing employees with a moment for self-reflection and to agree their personal development objectives to work on during the programme.

“I was taken aback by the Facet5 results – found it excellent”

  • 2 day group workshop – focussing on ‘knowing and managing myself as a leader’, and ‘leading and managing others’.

“The examples provided during the workshop were very useful, and can be applied to our day to day work”

  • One to one coaching support – three further 1:1 coaching sessions providing on-going support at an individual level to encourage progress against personal goals and embed lessons learnt.

 “Added real value, kept me on track and wish there were more”

One client – a world-leading mining company – said:

“We used the maritime leadership development programme to give the participant an opportunity to develop leadership knowledge and skills and prepare them for future development and career growth.  The programme exceeded our original objectives and we noticed a positive change in the individuals’ behaviour since completing the programme”

Click here to find out more about our open programmes or get in touch to discuss in house solutions by email or on +44(0) 1702 481660.

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