Human Resources Jobs

Jobs in human resources (HR) are responsible for shore-side staff. They are involved in the creation, and implementation of policies governing employees.

The policies include, but are not limited to reward & benefits, payroll, recruitment & retention, training & development, employee legislation, and performance management.

Smaller shipping companies may only have 1 person responsible for all aspects of HR whereas others may have larger departments with team members having a specialist focus. e.g. Reward, Learning and Development, Recruitment.

Example job titles

Head of HR, Chief People Officer, Head of People, HR Director, Chief HR Officer, Head of Reward, Talent Management Director, HR Manager, Senior HR Business Partner, Regional Reward Manager, People & Culture Manager, Senior Learning and Development Manager, Recruitment Manager, Assistant HR Manager, Senior Recruitment Executive, HR Business Partner, Senior Reward Specialist, Payroll Supervisor.

Where can I work in a HR position?

Not all shipping companies employ a dedicated HR team, especially the smaller companies but these departments are becoming increasingly common and are more often than not located in an organisations Head Office.

Key skills and experience

  • A degree-level qualification in Business Administration, Human Resource Management, or any other related field would be a benefit.
  • Failing that, a certification from an accredited institution such as the CIPD is well received.
  • It goes without saying that the nature of the job needs those in these types of roles to possess good listening and communication skills.
  • Roles in this department are often privy to sensitive information so discernment and discretion are essential skills to have.
  • Strong organisational skills are needed as these teams are often juggling many projects.

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