Benchmarking shipping salaries in 2023


Since 2005 Spinnaker has been providing reliable salary data for shipmanagers, ship owners and oil majors across the globe.

As secretariat to both the Maritime HR Association and the Seafarers Employers’ Association, Spinnaker operates both associations as membership ‘clubs’ providing annual salary & bonus benchmarking reports to its’ members for all major shipping hubs and seafaring nationalities.

It’s widely known that using trusted salary data as part of annual salary benchmarking allows businesses to not only attract top talent with competitive packages but also improve retention by rewarding fairly.

This combined with black swan events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, brought about unprecedented demand on the maritime industry which in turn created huge challenges for HR teams. As the world emerged from lockdowns and economies reopened, there were reports of skills and labour shortages. In addition, inflation is rising and we have seen the cost-of-living increase across the globe. As a result, the need for trusted and robust salary and wage benchmarking data is more critical now than ever before.

Phil Parry, Spinnaker’s Chairman and founder of the Maritime HR Association and Seafarer Employers’ Association says: “Spinnaker is proud to be able to provide participants to the survey the most reliable and comprehensive salary data in the shipping industry.” He continues, “It’s particularly pleasing that numerous large shipping employers now habitually use the data as their primary benchmarks for setting and reviewing salaries.”

Find out how to access the 2022 reports, take part in the 2023 survey and join the memberships by contacting Helen McCaughran or Monique Turner in the business development team.

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