Bespoke Salary Benchmarking

Spinnaker are available for bespoke benchmarking services. These include P&I, Classification Societies, and other maritime sectors. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

P&I Salary Benchmarking

Who participates?

Companies who provide marine liability cover and classify themselves as a P&I club are invited to participate in the survey.
The survey is produced every 2 years.

What data is provided in the reports?

The report includes roles in claims, both legally qualified and non-qualified, underwriting and loss prevention from junior to director level, as well as roles in corporate services and the senior leadership team.

The report includes locations such as Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Singapore, UK and the USA

Alongside the benchmarking of base salaries, total compensation and bonuses, the report also includes projected salary and bonus spend, and analysis of common benefits such as pensions, death in service, medical insurance, leave and other well-being initiatives.

Further Information

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Senior Business Development Consultant
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Marketing & Business Development Manager
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