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Insurance Claims

P&I insurance is a marine liability insurance for shipowners and charterers. Examples of insurance claims include damage to cargo, repatriation of stowaways, pollution liability, customs fines, personal injuries sustained by crew or passengers, damage to docks, and collision liability.

P&I Clubs will also offer defence or FD&D ( Freight, Demurrage and Defence) cover which is insurance for the cost of legal disputes which are otherwise uninsured

P&I clubs are not-for-profit mutual insurance organisations, meaning they are owned by their insured ‘members’ who effectively insure each other as a group.

90% of the world’s shipping is insured by one of the twelve P&I Clubs who belong to the International Group of P&I Clubs (IG). The remainder is either uninsured or obtains insurance coverage for its marine liabilities from other ‘fixed premium’ insurance providers.

Example job titles

Claims Assistant, Claims Director, Claims Executive, Claims Manager, FD&D Lawyer, Loss Prevention Manager, P&I Claims Handler, Survey Executive, Underwriter.

Example job descriptions

Claims Handler

This role primarily defends the claims of the owners by providing sensitive, responsive, imaginative and cost-effective responses and support to claims issues.

Loss Prevention Manager

This position provides technical advice to members, brokers and colleagues and is responsible for producing quality reporting and assisting with the analysis of claims when required.

Where can I work in a P&I role?

One of the twelve P&I Clubs belonging to the International Group of P&I Clubs (IG).

The main hub for P&I clubs is London although other clubs, or club offices, can be found in Newcastle (United Kingdom), Hong Kong, Singapore, Piraeus (Greece), Oslo (Norway), Arendal (Norway), Gothenburg (Sweden), Miami & New York (USA) and Sydney (Australia).

Key skills and experience
  • Loss prevention staff are usually former senior deck officers. P&I Clubs look kindly upon law graduates and those with shipping degrees.
  • Many lawyers work in claims roles, either combining P&I and FD&D claims handling or just doing one or the other.
  • Claims handling roles generally require education to degree standard and although you don’t necessarily need any particular qualification, both the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) offer courses and qualifications for future Claims Handlers and anyone planning a career in the insurance industry.
  • Claims handlers need to have personality, discretion and good communication skills as it’s important to persuade underwriters to take a piece of business or to pay a claim.

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