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What's next for Gender Pay?

Last night saw the Gender Pay Gap reporting deadline in the UK.

While an estimated 1,500 employers have failed to meet this deadline, a number of businesses who don’t meet the criteria have taken it upon themselves to conduct the analysis anyway.

Maritime HR Association salary survey data has been analysed by HR Consulting at Spinnaker Global to calculate the pay gap between men and women working in the UK maritime industry.

The UK specific sample includes data from 46 global employers and a full breakdown of the calculations that were used (in accordance with the UK Government guidelines) as well as the results are available here.

The results are shocking, but no more so than can be seen in comparable industries. And while those maritime employers who did report their gap may have received some bad press, their results were more favourable than across the broader industry in general. This suggests that the smaller UK businesses and employers outside of the UK who employ staff here have an even bigger problem.

So what’s next? Will there be a sanction on those who failed to report?

Will the employers who did report be able to show a positive impact by next year – and if so, how?

Will we see the legislation rolling out to smaller businesses, or should we focus on getting the big players on board first?

The 4th April 2018 was just the beginning.

Sarah Hutley, Compensation & Benefits Consultant, HR Consulting from Spinnaker Global

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