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Being a woman in the Maritime Industry

Being a woman in the maritime industry can be both rewarding and challenging. Historically, it has been a male-dominated field, but over the years, there has been progress towards greater gender diversity and inclusion. Women in this field often encounter obstacles including stereotypes and limited advancement opportunities. Despite this, many find fulfillment in breaking barriers and contributing meaningfully.

As Head of Marketing Strategy and Communications, I’m proof of the opportunities available to women in this sector. The maritime industry offers a chance to drive change while being part of a vital global sector.

At BRS, talent development is gender-neutral, ensuring equal opportunities for all. It’s inspiring to see a commitment to fostering diversity and empowering professionals to thrive, regardless of gender.

Our company boasts good maternity leave policies, providing the flexibility needed to balance motherhood with career aspirations. While we recognize there’s room for improvement across the sector, we’re committed to adopting the latest practices to better support women’s needs.

Sophia Exarchou, our esteemed Global Head of Tanker Operations, brings over two decades of invaluable experience to the maritime shipping industry. From her insightful perspective, she has observed a significant and encouraging trend: an increasing number of companies are championing gender equality, resulting in a surge of female representation across leadership roles. This positive shift not only empowers younger women but also signifies progress towards a more inclusive workforce, with women now having the chance to go onboard ships for example.

When asked about needs in the industry she emphasizes the importance of enhancing infrastructure to support all employees, regardless of gender. She advocates greater flexibility and support systems to address essential needs such as childcare as crucial steps towards fostering a truly inclusive workplace environment.

Reflecting on her current role, Sophia expresses gratitude for the support and opportunities provided by the company. She highlights the company’s commitment to inclusivity by offering her the space to grow, actively participate in decision-making processes, and to contribute to the company’s forward momentum. Sophia finds encouragement in witnessing the growing organizational support for womens’ active involvement in the shipping industry, marking a positive trajectory towards greater gender equality and empowerment.

Vissaria Thanou, the BRS Athens Office Manager, notes a significant improvement in recruitment practices and gender equality within the maritime sector. She proudly states that at BRS Athens, a remarkable 50% of employees are women. From brokers and operators to charter party desks, women hold diverse roles across various markets within the company.

Article written by Mariana Barbosa, Head of Marketing Strategy & Communication at BRS Shipbrokers.

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