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Diversity@Sea pilot – New initiative launched!

Represented by Hafnia CEO, Mikael Skov, Hafnia participated in the 2023 Global Maritime Forum Annual Summit in Athens on 17-19 October where over 200 industry leaders and associations gathered to assess the maritime sector’s progress towards a zero-carbon future.

Over the two days, C-suite participants worked closely together to find collective approaches to a wide array of interconnected opportunities and challenges. These discussions included Shipping’s Decarbonization, Operational Efficiencies and Human Sustainability. The outcome of the discussions can be found here.

During the summit, the All Aboard Alliance, an initiative of the Global Maritime Forum, additionally announced their new Diversity@Sea project which will see 11 companies (including Hafnia) pilot a series of measures that will contribute to making life at sea attractive and inclusive to all seafarers. The pilot is a result of 115 interviews with seafarers that helped identify 15 Key Pain Points for Women at Sea (Report).

The 11 participating companies (Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, BP Shipping, Cargill, Chevron Shipping, Diana Shipping, Dorian LPG, Gaslog, Hafnia, Stena, Synergy, and Swire Shipping) have committed to meeting a series of minimum requirements onboard one pilot vessel within their fleet – which must be crewed by at least four women. Hafnia is participating in the Diversity@Sea pilot with our vessel the Hafnia Pride which is also a part of Hafnia’s Maritime Culture Lab, which will see four Hafnia vessels crewed with at least 50% ratio of women seafarers as we also attempt at learning more about what it takes to make a seafaring career more attractive to our female seafarers.

“Today’s launch of the Diversity@Sea pilot is a true testament to the proactive stance taken by the All Aboard Alliance and several member companies in tackling these issues head-on. With 11 companies at the helm, we are laying the foundation for a maritime industry that is better equipped to meet the demands of tomorrow,” says Mikael Skov, Co-Chair of the All Aboard Alliance and CEO of Hafnia.

During the Global Maritime Forum Summit, Mikael Skov additionally engaged in discussions and interviews across a variety of topics related to global seaborne trade, including the concept of a “just and equitable’ transition (as included in the IMO’s revised strategy” and on global tanker freight rates in relation to various factors occurring in the market.

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