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Welcome to the Spinnaker Team’s Bucket List

Bucket lists. Some have them, some don’t. They give you the chance to dive into a world of adventure and inspiration and uncover the ultimate experiences waiting to be checked off. We asked the Spinnaker Team, “What’s on your bucket list?” and “What have you already been able to tick off?”

We will delve into the desires, dreams, and aspirations that populate our ultimate must-do lists. From sky-high adventures to soul-nourishing experiences, we explore the eclectic mix of goals that inspire us to live life to the fullest.

Chloe Jones
Researcher, Executive Search

For me, I want to travel to Japan to see Tokyo and the cherry blossoms, I would love to do a ski season at one point as I never got the chance to do it when I was younger. My dad taunts me now by going out for weeks at a time now he is retired – lucky! Nashville is a place I really want to go to, and I am hoping to visit for my 30th! With only 3 years to go, I do plan on making a 30 before I’m 30 list. Let’s see how many of them I can tick off! The big bucket list “dream” is to have a large house in the country with a few farm animals, that would be the goal!

I have been able to tick a few things off my bucket list. Getting my own dog, owning a house, graduating from university and thanks to an obsession from watching the Lizzie Maguire movie at a young age, visiting Rome!

Louise Harris
Business Development Consultant

My ultimate bucket list must-do has to be to fly in a hot air balloon in Marrakech!

David Tubb
Director, Recruitment

It probably didn’t belong on a bucket list before because it wasn’t feasible, but thanks to the likes of Elon Much and Jeff Bezos, we are getting close. Although, I need to make few more placements to make it into space.

Sandra Brown
Reward Manager

I have a whole load of things in my bucket list book, both small and big, but here are a few of the bigger things still looking forward to doing: I will one day have a potters studio in my garden, with kiln and potter’s wheel, so I can build whenever the creative need kicks in. One day I will plan and complete the North Coast 500, there are apparently some beautiful sights along the way.

Things that I’ve crossed off, include learning paddle boarding, going wild swimming, climbing Ben Nevis and learning a Martial Art.

Bethanie-Taylor Grenfell
Marketing & HRC Executive

I’m one of those people that has a massive bucket list. I’d love to do an American road trip, don’t mind where, just get me in an American truck and let me live my American fantasy! I’d love to own a holiday home in America too, Miami maybe? My ultimate bucket list item has to be a small holding out in the middle of nowhere in an old house with my highland cows, runner ducks and goats. A very recent addition to my bucket list has to be to run a marathon. I would love to be part of the 1% and show I can do something like that! I also must hold a sloth at one point in my life! MUST. Another must be an F1 Race, I have to see one in person. Just putting that out in the universe, please. This also fuels my want to learn the Italian National Anthem for my team. Ferrari!

I started my bucket list quite young, so I have been able to tick off a few things from my list. But the biggest tick and achievement has to be getting my Law degree, huge for me!

Daryna Rozum
Reward Consultant

I’ve got loads of things there but probably the most fun (or weird) of them that I’ve done are: Started learning Norwegian with a private tutor – og jeg liker det så mye! Learned to read tarot cards and travelled on my own for the first time, that Stockholm holiday was probably the best I’ve ever had.

In terms of the next bucket list must-do’s, I plan on scheduling archery, horse riding and singing lessons.

Clementine Matiwaza
Recruitment Resourcer

For the first 12 years of my life my bucket list was to pass my GCSE’s, work hard and get into University (which I have successfully managed to do). For the next 10 years, I plan to 1. Have visited at least 35 countries (already on 15), 2. Have bought and built my first home in my home country, 3. Ran a marathon or climbed a mountain, 4. Have a safari staycation experience, 5. Get married in a tropical country, 6. Go Kart in the streets of Tokyo.

I have much more on my list that I would like to achieve, and I hope with the addition of having a Husband and Children, I will have the ability to complete the rest of the list with them.

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