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The rise of the ‘soft life’

I came across an article on LinkedIn recently about the ‘soft life’, which I had never heard of but apparently, it is a new way of life that mainly Millennials are embracing. The growth stems from the drive-by numbers of individuals who are seeing a lifestyle that is a bit more enriching and less burdensome. It has raised a much larger conversation regarding the other generational groups and what exactly it means.

So, what is the soft life?

The soft life is a concept, mainly on the rise in Millennials, due to the fact they have experienced the cost of living, and multiple recessions and are always finding themselves questioning the value of hard work when they don’t see any reward. Individuals are finding themselves leaving their traditional careers in pursuit of, what some are calling, a simple life.

It has seen career people leave their jobs, take on a part-time job or more passion project opportunities, some have sold their properties and moved in with friends or family, moved somewhere smaller and have provided themselves with a stress-free life.

People often feel trapped in their careers, weighed down by the mortgage payments and providing for a family and being able to live in general. This is why many feel that salary is still king, as some say and that this kind of ‘soft life’ is unachievable.

Typically, in younger Millennials and Gen Z, the softer lifestyle is non-negotiable. The rise of flexibility, benefits and company culture, adds to the concept of a softer life, it is not all about salary and opportunities necessarily, it is about creating an overall environment that feels right for you. After all, creating a work environment that works for you, is just as important as creating a fulfilling personal life. They both work hand in hand.

The other hand of the argument is that, even if the ‘soft life’ is what you want, many can be filled with guilt for wanting to create a life that serves them. But really, it is redefining the meaning of success. Making people step back and re-evaluate what is important and how they want to live. Work-life balance takes a whole new meaning when it comes to providing yourself with flexibility, and autonomy and creating a healthy mental health environment for yourself.

Blog written by Bethanie-Taylor Grenfell, Marketing Executive, Spinnaker.

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