Spinnaker win Diversity Award

Karen Waltham

Spinnaker Global was proud to receive the award for Diversity at the inaugural Maritime UK awards that took place in Southampton on 19 October. It was a real privilege to be part of the glitzy event, organised by the industry for the industry. 

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Stella Marks on founding WISTA


Spinnaker’s Teresa Peacock meets Stella Marks, Managing Director of Star Broking Services Ltd, one of the founders of WISTA, to talk about the organisation’s growth, what it’s like for women in the shipping industry, and the changing attitudes of the world of work

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Times Up. Equality is an inalienable right.

Jemima Fitzmorris

“Imagine a workplace where women don’t have to spend extra, or any, energy fighting for fair pay or defending their rights, but can instead focus that energy on the fullest expression of the task at hand.” This is a small excerpt from a powerful speech delivered by Michelle Williams at a hearing

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