Apparently, many children today will be the first generation to be worse off than their parents. Imagine a 6 car pile-up – pensions, housing inflation, sovereign debt, unemployment, student debt, mortgage scarcity…well, you can see the point.

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The Jobseeker's Code

“Sanitising your memory is the name of the game when leaving an old employer” According to author Robert Kelsey, bad mouthing your former employer is a no-no.

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Into Africa


Looking for a new place to set up an office? International law firms are moving into Africa, we gather, in response to rising Chinese investment in the continent.

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Everyone knows that Freemasons give each other a special handshake but what does your handshake say about you? Are you the type who gives a bone crushing handshake leaving the recipient wincing? Do you have to wipe your hand on your sleeve so you don't present a clammy palm?

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Maintaining privacy

linkedin icon

LinkedIn have very quietly introduced some new settings that potentially seriously affect your privacy. These new settings are defaulted ON and include allowing LinkedIn to use profile information, name and photos in third party advertising. Please see the links below for opting out.

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Compulsory retirements of employees at the default retirement age is no longer be possible in the UK as of October 1st.

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